Hobby Club

At Canary we believe in holistic development. All round development of a child's inner faculties is the key to a bright future. This is the precise reason why Canary attaches utmost importance to the concept of Hobby Club..

The Hobby Club focuses on curriculum based activities. As part of the holistic learning experience, the children are motivated to try out different sports that can help them learn, what they excel at.

Varied Sports / Games are focused in the threshold of Canary. Basket Ball, Foot Ball, Tennis, Skating, along with Cricket a great form of exercise which has both cardio-vascular and muscle conditioning benefits with therapeutic qualities.

What makes Canary - Hobby Club Unique?

Canary gives every student the option of pursuing their hobby as a part of the curriculum. Students are exposed to all the activities that are available on the campus as a part of their schooling routine within the schooling schedule. Besides this, a unique element of Canary curriculum is that the student specializes in a hobby of his/her choice where focused training is provided. Parents need not enrol their wards outside for specialized training in any one activity as this is provided on campus within the school curriculum. This helps save time, effort and reduces pressure on the student.

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