STEM Competition

STEM Competition:
“Educational outcomes in traditional settings focus on how many answers a student knows. We want students to learn how to develop a critical stance with their work: inquiring, editing, thinking flexibly, and learning from another person’s perspective, says Arthur L. Costa in his book Learning and Leading with Habits of Mind. STEM  revolves around the engineering design process (EDP) — an organized, open-ended approach to investigation that promotes creativity, invention, and prototype design, along with testing and analysis. Our middle school and senior school canarians designed a prototype of a car with vegetables and fruits  applying the knowledge of force, gravity, friction and acceleration. They tested and analysed the reasons for the success and failure of their models and how they can improvise their design.
On Friday, 26th November, Our School organized a STEM competition for the Veggie Car race. We had to make a prototype of a car using 5 different fruits or vegetables which can move. Criteria to be met included: 2 axles, 5 different fruits/vegetables, roll down the ramp in a straight line, able to identify the reason behind success or failure of the prototype.