Student Led Conference

Student Led Conference: The Student Led Conference is an important part of the pyp journey wherein the students take the lead of their own learning. At Canary, the Student led conference conducted on 27th and 28th of November , was a mere example of confidence and choice. We at Canary encourage our Canarians to take up student agency and let them become leaders of their own learning journey.They accept accountability and responsibility for their progress and achievement and demonstrate a growing understanding of their development as independent learners.
The students here were the centre of the conversation.They exhibited their work samples and carried their learning with the class.The student’s wholeheartedly performed the learning engagements with their parents which provided a window into their classes.
The students led the conference by presenting work samples and reflecting on their learning.This approach gave students an opportunity to share with their parents and their learning. 
In short, SLC was a celebration of their learning and parents participated as active listeners and as advocates for their child.