Blend Of Colours

Blend of Colours : Colours add fun to life. Each color brings with it a unique emotion. We introduced our young Canarian to these colours through Blend of Colours. We celebrated the blend of colours, shades ranging yellow to Green with parents and Canarians in Virtual platform.Parents participated in the blend of colours with great enthusiasm.To foster their understanding of colours the Canarian and the parents performed activities related to the colour and made a variety of artistic things. 
We’ve also had an array of activities celebrated for colours ranging from red to yellow, yellow to green  and blue to purple.
From rhymes to singing,
From dance to colour mixing ,
From  hand dabbing to paper crumpling
From art and craft to clay moulding.
At Early years, it was indeed a great experience exploring , inquiring and engaging in fun related activities which in turn also developed their fine and gross motor skills.

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